1-2-3-DUCHAMP !

I saw this enigmatic posthumous work by Marcel Duchamp for the first time in 2011. And I asked myself: “Why posthumously?”as634a

A profound research followed and in 2012 I presented all the results in a huge website:
1-2-3-DUCHAMP! A visual analysis of the work and the life of Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968)
It is downright pornography but very interesting, very logical and quite funny too. My aim was not to shock, to offend nor accuse. I wanted to be helpful.

In 2015 I wrote another text of 4 pages, because I had realized: it is not only Marcel Duchamp. But “Why?”
Published on 1-2-3-Duchamp epilogues.

And in 2018 I added 1 final page , as I am expecting something to happen… maybe this year…?
2011 – 2018

as278      as278bbb++

2012, The Paintery Lindemans, Brussels.






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