BT comparisons

Bus tickets chosen and put together for their colors, lines and dots. Sometimes treated as a portrait, sometimes as a story, sometimes it is a classical composition or sometimes it is all just by coincidence.
Vinyl paint on paper or canvas of very different sizes. Often quite narrow, long paintings. (The longest is presented here, on this side.)
1979 – 1987


bt los










BT 1 1983



BT 12 reds -1983



BT 12 -1983




BT 40 - 1983

1982, St Lukas galerij, Brussel.
1984, CIAP, Hasselt.
1984, Provinciaal muzeum, Hasselt.
1986, Ficheroulle Art Gallery, Brussels.
1998, E’ven & Yet, Leuven + De Hallen, Geel.





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