J. Eudes’ birds

A digital transpiction (ref. transcription in music) of J. Eudes’ watercolour paintings. 68 Different prints, here only 24.

Available in S (45 x 60), M (75 x 100), L (120 x 160) and XL (150 x 200). And in 3 qualities: I. inkjet on 170 gr paper, waterproof / II. inkjet on Dibond 3mm, UV+waterproof / III. pigmented inkjet on 300 gr Hahnemühle fine art acid free paper.
There is a unicum-version also, with pasty black paint on it, coming in the same sizes.


N° 229N° 236N° 244N° 246N° 251N° 257N° 263N° 264N° 277N° 278N° 221



2008, CLJP Gallery, Brussels.
2009, ‘Fröhliche Printshop’, KAOS, Brussels.






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