“Ongs stad” View of Antwerp anno 1991

Just like Vermeer’s ‘View of Delft’, painted in 1661, this is a 1991 view of Antwerp. A portrait of a situation.

28 Framed pages of  the comic strip ‘Suske en Wiske en De Zwarte Madam’* and 14 speakers behind the frames with a radio play telling this story (= walls), a slide show showing an old book of Leningrad images (= window), a video-clip about the harbor, daimonds, Rubens and the zoo, with techno music and carillon (= tv) and cosy furniture.
*’Spike and Suzy and The Black Madam’.

ongs stad plan
5- Ongs Stad

1993 ICC, Antwerp.
1995 Warande, Turnout.
1999 CC,  Berchem.

Complete list of audiovisual work.





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